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Clyde Eco Project


Working in partnership with local schools, Clyde's Eco Project provides children with a fun, hands on learning experience with tangible results that will actually mean something to young ones who may otherwise struggle to understand environmental issues.


The rolling program sees local schools come along to the Centre and experience first-hand their recycling processes, taking them on a journey from start to finish. Youngsters can see for themselves the segregation of a wide range of waste materials and how they are compacted and bailed on site, and then what happens afterwards. They are also able to see the recycling process of food waste at the Centre, and the value of the on-site composting machinery.


As part of the Eco Project participating schools are given the opportunity to assist in the development of Clyde Shopping Centre's very own 'Eco Trail'. This Eco Trail will run adjacent to the Centre to encourage urban wildlife. Schools will also be given ownership of individual raised beds within the trail for growing flowers and vegetables, using compost that has been produced on site from retailer's food waste.


Clyde has established a further community partnership with Network Rail, who have delivered a Rail Safety Workshop as part of the project, as Clyde Shopping Centre is serviced by 2 Station Singer & Clydebank, Mark Henderson senior communications manager from Network Rail is delighted to be involved in this innovate project Which not only educates local school children on the environmental issues it also provides the rail industry the opportunity to deliver key rail safety messages in a fun and informative way.

Recently a parliament of owls visited the Centre and the children were delighted to learn all about their role within the environment, from a European Eagle Owl to the smallest owl.


Clyde Shopping Centre's Bee Keeper invited the children along to see the Honey Bees and to learn first-hand how the bees will pollinate their flowers, their role within the environment and to see the honey come from the hive and how it eventually arrives in the shops and onto their table and back to waste completing a full cycle.



Eco Project


Eco Project


Eco Project


Eco Project



At Clydebank Shopping Centre we are committed to providing environmentally and socially responsible management practices to help ensure future sustainability for all.


What We're Doing To Help



The Centre employs a contractor to ensure that the landscape areas are well maintained, the centre's car parks are well served with a variety of trees and shrubs including a mixture of deciduous and coniferous species providing colour all year round and habitat for local biodiversity.



Implementation of a waste management system which involves the onsite separation of:

  • Cardboard
  • Polythene
  • Metal
  • Wood (a wood chipper has been installed and all wood is reused on the landscaping areas)
  • Magazines
  • Food
  • Mixed Recycle

Food Waste is now being recycled from all food retailers at the Centre.  Site based composting as part of an effective recycling programme with the onsite A900 Rocket Composter which is processing up to 5250 litres of food waste each week.

A stationary organic waste solution for the on-site processing of:

  • Cooked & Uncooked Meat & Fish 
  • Cooked & Uncooked Fruit & Vegetables
  • Garden Waste
  • Animal Waste (including some types of bedding)



Installation of water management systems in the public toilets to reduce water usage and baby room to reduce water usage and the installation of rainwater harvesting tank for the use of power  washing, cleaning machines and landscaping.



The reduction of our Carbon Footprint was achieved by the implementation of an environmental champion from the security staff, installing timers, LED lights, sensors and a review of working practices from the cleaning contractor.



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